The Origins of Lucas High

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In the late 1960s and mid 70s, music genres began to intersect rapidly and freely and the results were a transcendence of musical boundaries. Players and composers touring the world stoked their sounds with exotic touches of psychedelia, rock, jazz, soul, early electronic, reggae and Afrobeat.  This is where the legacy of Doug Lucas and his bandmates was born




While America consumed the rock and roll of a sustained British Invasion, the scene in Europe flourished with multi-instrumentalists bringing their influence into studio recordings and scoring for movies, TV, and consumer products.

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The names of the bands with which Doug Lucas shared his musical talents are obscure to most (Jess and James, , Chakachas,  Super Funk Special, Chicken Curry, JJ Band, Plus, SSO Orchestra, Mombasa). His recordings from his years in Belgium survive mostly on rare European issue vinyl – records that often trade for hundreds of dollars among deep-crate collectors only.



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Lucas High is a party sound with an old school vibe, head funk for the mind, straight dope for the dance floor. Our family of artists and MCs have joined this tribute record for the same reason we began the journey—the love of music. We are grateful for their passion and blessed by their talents.

The songs pay tribute to Doug Lucas’ legacy and to the players with whom he collaborated- Ralph Benatar, Francis Weyer, John Sluszny, Yvan De Souter, Bruno Castelluci, and producer Roland Kluger. It is this era that inspired a collaboration between friends, and a conversation between a father and son.  Zach Lucas joins Connie Price & The Keystones for this special tribute, helping create a new sound inspired by his father’s legacy.


We are proud to present this record to you.

Matt Fife & Dan Ubick

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